Our Company

KISNA Diamond Jewellery, in its own way, is an inseparable part of the heritage of many families in our great country. Of their roots and their very core of traditions. Most rituals in our country are incomplete without a special souvenir, that article of Jewellery in the family that is exclusive beyond everything. KISNA takes pride in similarly being regarded as a central entity for being the largest distributed brand of Diamond Jewellery in India.


KISNA today has more than 3500 outlets across 29 states and 400 cities across India. We are fortunate to have the genre of network of distributors and retailers through which we could make our way to the hearts of customers all over India.


Kisna team recently won the “TOP 100 SME’S OF INDIA” Award in 2016, “Gems & Jewellery Business of the Year” , “India SME 100 Awards” , “Leadership Excellence Awards” in 2014 and “Brand Of The Year” Award in 2013. Also, Kisna’s creators won the “Paramparik (Traditional) Jewellery of the Year” Award. Kisna is to India what Tiffany’s is to America, a brand that has truly won a special place in the hearts and minds of India’s people.


KISNA is a vertically integrated company and a part of Hari Krishna Exports Pvt. Ltd. We are proud to have a world class diamond and jewellery manufacturing unit spread over vast acres of ground in Surat, India as well as exceptional jewellery making skills combined with state-of-the-art modern technology.


All our jewellery has the finesse of being crafted in exclusive Real Diamond with IGI Certificate and 18kt Hallmarked Gold. Our exceptional designs of high end range in Rings, Earrings, Pendants, Necklaces, Bangles and Bracelets makes our name popular, trusted and in demand, living up to which is no less than a journey…


Clichéd it may sound, but KISNA is unremittingly committed to the highest level of quality, precision and innovation. We at KISNA firmly believe in setting an example and new standards in quality, productivity, customer satisfaction, marketing and social responsibility.


In today’s fast moving world where a thousand products fight to vie for customers’ attention, where one has hardly time to stop and take a breather, KISNA is successful in winning the hearts of consumers and also in motivating their purchasing interests.


Our goals, commitment to quality, purity and single-minded approach to excellence has remained unchanged and always will. We believe in catering to the human side of business, which probably is one of the reasons the KISNA family of Distributors, Retailers and Consumers is growing, with new members joining us year after year.


The passion and energy of the Kisna team is further strengthened by the firm’s top ethical standards and values. We have been a member of the the Responsible Jewellery Council since 2010.


Kisna is a vertically integrated company, a key figure at all stages of the diamond pipe-line. Furthermore, the group is grateful to source its rough diamonds from DTC, Alrosa, Rio Tinto and DDC. Key partners include the Gems & Jewellery Trade Federation,CanadaMark and the Responsible Jewellery Council.

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Chairman Message

Faith is in their hearts. And growth on their minds.
At HK Group, the men at helm are people with generous expertise and experience in the business.Their acute understanding of the trade and decision making skills are also backed by immense inter-personal and leadership, qualities, that make the HK Group one big family that thrives on result-oriented strategies and customer-friendly service. A group of self-made men who are trusted by their clients and employees for plans and policies, advantageous to progress.


Mr.Savji Dholakia :
His firm ideology saw him rise from the lower rungs of diamond cutting and polishing, to the ranks of rough purchase and management. Years of painstaking dedication had taught him quite a few nuances. But the most valuable lesson he learnt, was the art of humanity. Today, Mr.Savji Dholakia spends most of his time in development activities in the areas of social welfare.
A visionary, with over 25 years’ experience in rough purchase.


Mr.Ghanshyam Dholakia :
He trained his eyes on the world map. Understanding international trends and creating newer markets, he honed his marketing skills. Thanks to his resolute willpower and the proven theory of optimism, the company has carved a niche with its growing global presence.
He says : KISNA , the name itself will enhance your belief in the product and services, we offer. Our network of Distributors, Retail Jewelers and team of Sales and Promotion team are dedicated and committed to provide you the awareness and opportunity for owning a KISNA Diamond Jewelry.
It is our mission that, every Indian woman, who has emotional and aspirational need of owning a Diamond Jewelry, opts KISNA as her first choice.
It is our endeavor to offer new designs at regular intervals which may suit your taste buds and the feeling of being special.
We will evolve as truly global brand and achieve sustainable growth to all our stakeholders.

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Our People

(The KISNA family )


As the adage goes, a Company is nothing without its people. The people in our team live up to the name KISNA. Every person working here has a blend of vision and strong character that embarks on a journey of serving the consumers with total dedication.


The team that belongs to KISNA is like a family that stays under one roof and brings strength towards a total development of the brand. Every employee at KISNA is dedicated to the cause of bringing the best service with values like honesty and sincerity. This is the reason why KISNA attracts the best and brilliant talents who have an intense belonging to the cause and have a team understanding to bring out the best in the company at all levels.


It brings immense pride to have such intellects and talented individuals working at KISNA. And attracting such individuals makes us working closer to a perfect goal: to be the best company to work for in the world so as to retain the amazing talent we have and multiply such individuals in growing numbers.

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Our Beliefs

Our Vision:

(Our Dream)


Fulfilling the aspiration of every woman to own KISNA Diamond Jewellery.


Core Values:
(Our beliefs and aspiration)


  • Innovation
  • Honesty
  • Quality
  • Inspiring


Brand Slogan:

“Jagao Vishwas Pyar Ka, Paao Vishwas Parivar Ka”.


Brand Promise:
(KISNA’s vow)


Highest level of excellence

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