Diamond Jewellery To Enhance
Your Navratri Style

Sept 25, 2019

The festival of Navratri is here in a full glare and so is your time to dazzle. To the garba beats, amidst Durga Puja, with joy and celebrations around you would want to dress to your best and put your best foot forward. Diamond jewellery can be the best way to grace up your Navratri attire. But at the same time it's important to choose the right diamond jewellery. With so many options and variety available, deciding on the type of jewellery can be a tedious task. Read More...

This Ganesh Chaturthi With
Spiritual Diamond Jewellery

Sept 01, 2019

It’s the time of the year when faith transcends us, connecting us to the divine holiness of the occasion, to a higher spirit we call God in the form of Lord Ganesha. Ganesh Chaturthi in India is not just about connecting to God, it is a divine celebration that brings people across faiths come together in praying hands and joyous celebrations. It’s an occasion of unity, festivity, joy, hope, prosperity and togetherness. Read More...

To Up Your Fashion Statement
This Monsoon

Sept 25, 2019

Monsoons are here, bringing along with it cold shivers and some fond memories. Stepping out of home in the monsoons can be of course a little annoying, so much that some may even frown about dressing up. If you want to slay with your fashion statement in this downpour without being too extravagant, you need some smart efforts and a little guide. Read More...

Tips To Recognize A Real Diamond

Aug 02, 2019

Curious? Ain't we all, about the things we do not know? And buying diamond jewellery online raises this curiosity. Because, for one it's a costly investment and the other, the lack of easy means to test its authenticity. I mean precisely, you walk into a shop (or an app), like a piece of jewellery, chose to buy it, but how do you beat the bug of doubt in your head that asks "How do I know if this is real or fake?" Here, in this article, we try to provide you with solutions to clear your doubt and have some peace of mind.


Finding the Imperfections Using Magnification Test

Well, if you find the imperfections, then it's perfect. What's one of the particular thing of a diamond? That it's a naturally occurring rock and so it comes with its unique imperfections. The irregular shape and uneven shine are a mark of its originality. However, these imperfections are not visible to the naked eye. You must use a high-powered magnifying glass or a jeweller's microscope to find them. If a diamond is perfectly shaped, has rounded edges without any inclusions (the microscopic imperfections), then you can deduce that it's not a real diamond.

Abrasion Test Using Sandpaper

Diamonds are the hardest stones available. And, hence it's said that only a diamond can cut another diamond. This is another way of authenticating your diamond - using sandpaper. Scratch your diamond with the sandpaper and if it results in any abrasions on the rock, then it's not a real diamond. An original diamond will shine clear and bright like before.

Dazzling Effect Using Reflection Test

When you hold the diamond against the sunlight you will find it to dazzle with white and grey reflections but a pretentious stone will reflect with the rainbow sparkle effect. A simple method that can be tested in daylight.

Reading Test Using Newspaper

If you hold the diamond stone above a newspaper and if you can read the paper, then it's definitely not a real diamond, as a real diamond is so strong that a ray of light cannot pass in a clear path. It reflected multiple times before passing out. And thus reading anything through a diamond cut is next to impossible.

Condensation Test Using Fog

Being an excellent conductor a real diamond does not fog up. Hold a diamond and expose it to a whip of warm air, this you can do with a blow of warm air through your mouth. If the stone catches a layer of fog over it then it's not a real diamond. This is one most the easiest and effective way to recognise a real diamond.

So, have you anytime implemented any of this technique? If so, do let us know your experience of the same in the comments. Above mentioned are some easy steps to identify if your diamond is real or fake. However, this does not replace the accuracy of a professional test, which you can consider to be definite. To buy certified diamond jewellery online, visit