6 Facts you need to know about Rose Gold Diamond Jewellery


It’s hard to deny the level of popularity of the Rose Gold Diamond Jewelry in the recent years, which created a jewellery trend that is here to stay. Rose gold is surprising affordable. Rose gold diamond jewellery  became a new friend for girls and women with its increasing want. The metal compliments the diamond amazingly to give it an unexpectedly perfect look.

Let’s take a look at the origins of Rose Gold Diamond Jewellery hue to know more about it -

1) Gold that Blushes with

gold that blushes with

What gives rose gold its lovely rosy hue? Rose gold is a combination of gold and copper alloy that creates a soft pink hue that goes well with almost everything, which has the ultimate property of durability. Rose gold does not tarnish and can be made into a wide variety of high-quality and long lasting collection of stunning rose gold diamond jewellery.

2) Rosy Trends

rosy trend

The color of the rose gold diamond jewellery gives you a timeless color alternate to express your style with elegance and warm. Rose gold is popping up into ultimate trends of style extending all the way from clothes, hair colors, phone cases through to personal accessories, rose gold nails and make-up. Its irresistible charm can be paired with many different colors and patterns.

3) Complements Every Skin Tone


The Lustrous hue of rose gold flatter on most skin tones and is the new classic for its beauty and versatility. The warm glow and vintage feel of the rosy hues catches the eye and makes the wearer stand out in the crowd. Rose gold can make you and your gemstone spark endlessly with it.

4) Mix and Match Pairing            

mix and match pairing

Rose Gold Diamond Jewellery are worn to be seen. Rose Gold is the pure balance of classic and modern which give it a classy look. You can mix and match rose gold with different hues, for example, silver or yellow gold. Stacking and layering rose gold with gemstones, rings, bracelets, drop earrings and necklaces, gives it a pleasant exotic look. For timeless styling pairing rose gold with diamond give it an alluring shine and harmonious tone.

5) Roses are Romantic


As its name define Roses are romantic in every way. Roses makes the atmosphere lovable with its aroma and presense, adding a warm youthful touch to it. The trend of rose gold diamond jewellery encouraged many couples to opt for engagement rings and a band as their token of love to add a distinctive touch. Kisna offers a wide range of rose gold engagement rings and love bands to surprise your loved one.

6) This Rose is for Men too


Yes! Rose Gold is for men too! The versatility of rose gold cannot be denied. It compliments every skin tone and  type. Rose gold looks extremely sporty on men. Go slow and try for rose gold diamond ring or a bracelet.  If you’re not into jewellery try and opt for a rose gold men’s watch. Kisna Diamond Jewellery offers extensive range of rose gold diamond collection for men.

Feeling Inspired?

Kisna Diamond Jewellery offers a versatile and exquisite range of Rose Gold Diamond Jewellery to create a perfect balance of classic and modern.


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