Add Charm To Your Conference Calls With Real Diamond Jewellery!

The quarantine has shifted our human connection from physical and personal to virtual and formal. This shift has impacted our personal as well as professional lives. To stay safe from the pandemic of Novel Coronavirus, we are staying in and working from home. Working from home has its own pros and cons. The pros are working in comfy clothes, taking breaks whenever you want and binge eating all the time. These pros might be fun, but its impact on your productivity at work is worse than that of all cons put together.

Multiple research has stated that to be productive and deliver good quality work in an organised manner from home, people should dress up as they did while going to the office.

All the fashion gurus and bloggers are pointing out that people perceive us through our style. That is correct, but the charm of dressing up for work-from-home like office won’t last longer than 3 days.

Yet, whether it is a conference call with colleagues or an informal chat with friends and family, we have to glow and work with utter responsibility and productivity. So, wear your casual clothes for work-from-home and then explore your jewellery box to wear real diamond jewellery which will compliment your work and empower you.

Add bling to your attire with our suggestions below


Dressing up for working from home is about enjoying yourself and having an 'I feel good' attitude. One classic way to feel good is to add a bit of colour to your dress. The 3 Flower Bangle in rose gold adds the right amount of colour and glow to your dress, and still keep it a professional look for a video conference.

Kiara Diamond Nose Pin is the best choice to compliment your work from the home dress and highlight your makeup.


While you're selecting jewellery from your wardrobe for your comfy work-from-home outfit, you should choose scintillating fashion diamond earrings to keep your focus high.

Twilight Diamond Earring is a great pick from casual diamond earring to increase your productivity as it adds a feel-good factor. They are fun to wear and also look great with any outfit you choose.

Wearing an updo hairstyle is the best way to let people focus on your face and show off your earrings in the conference call. So, if you are tying your hair-up then Feather Diamond Earring is the perfect accessory. Wear the right diamond earrings for office wear according to your personal style and comfort.


Your fashion diamond pendant is definitely going to put you in the centre of attention amongst your colleagues during the video call. You don't want to wear a necklace that is too long, as it might cut out of the frame during the call.

Style with dainty Cushion Jali Pendant that is stylish and elegant jewellery which is just right for a professional look.


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