Organise Your Jewellery Stash This Quarantine Period

Now that we have all the time in the world, let’s take this time to acknowledge and address something which we all suffer from - LOSING OUR PRECIOUS JEWELLERY!

It’s painful to remind you, but when was the last time you lost your favourite earring or that bracelet that you assembled for the outfit which you had planned for days?!

The busy lifestyle and exhausting working schedule is the reason we can’t find the time to clean out the mess and get organised.

Let’s take advantage of this quarantine period, and declutter your life to get more efficient and productive. Start with organising your jewellery and feel how peaceful and content the process will make you.

We have listed down 4 ways you can organise your real diamond jewellery in style so that you don’t lose them or spend more than a minute to find them!

Jewellery hangers for delicate jewellery:

A hanger with hooks and holes to hang your jewellery in a pleasing and organised manner. This convenient-to-use tool will add an aesthetic appeal to your room. Some free space on the wall and wall-pins are the only requirement to make it!

Jewellery kits for fine jewellery:

A box with dozens of drawers and pockets to fill in jewellery according to seasons, occasions, or your diamond earrings for office wear. The jewellery kit is compact and the size ensures that the jewellery stays in place.

With this kit, you will never lose tiny jewellery pieces like a ring or earrings ever again.

Jewellery cases for old charms and pins:

A sleek option for people who shop classic diamond jewellery online, which needs a lot of care in handling. These cases are perfect for on-the-go commuting as it folds and fits in places.

Your studs diamond earrings, diamond hoop earrings and your daily wear diamond pendants are all safe and easy to find in the case.

Jewellery curb chai to hang earrings:

If you are looking to create more designated space for your earrings in your room, then consider adding a jewellery display on your wall. You only need to screw in hooks to thin strips of wood and use these to hang necklaces. Drape long sections of a curb chain in your living room to create a charming display of daily wear diamond jewellery. Use this quarantine to shine, in an organised manner!


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