The evolution of jewellery to become an integral part of women

At some point, you all must have been curious to know the journey of jewellery across ages and how did it come to occupy an integral part of every woman. Woman have been known to adorn jewellery for centuries now, and it has been an inseparable element of her identity. The bond between women and jewellery go centuries beyond. It’s not just a piece of jewellery, it is a precious component that adds to her appearance, an element she uses to define herself.

It’s not just about a gold or diamond jewellery, though, ages ago tribal women adorned themselves with some special stones and artefacts as jewellery. Indian culture has enshrined women with their jewellery on. Even during festivals and poojas, we adorn goddesses (idol worship) with jewellery. Tracing back, one elucidation that has come along from past is that in ancient times women were known to be weaker in physical strength (comparatively, given the conditions at ancient times) and it was believed that having gold/stone/metal ornaments on her body would add to her strength and sustainability. And that’s how the gracious bond of women and jewellery must have started. You might be aware that, on the same lines, in astrology stones are recommended depending on your raashis to amplify your vibrations. But today, times have changed, lifestyles have evolved and women are as independent and strong as men, noting to today’s lifestyle demands.

A woman loves to explore her femininity, and jewellery is just one way to express her femininity. As one of our female colleague points out, she says, jewellery adds to her fashion statement. Women today use jewellery to add to her looks, appearance, it in a way defines her. At Kisna Diamond Jewellery, we vibrate to this pulse, we resonate to this trait. At Kisna, you can shop for handcrafted diamond jewellery for every occasion. As jewellery forms an integral part of women, Kisna forms an integral part of jewellery lovers, precisely diamond lovers.


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