Diamond Jewellery Styles To Up Your Fashion Statement This Monsoon

Monsoons are here, bringing along with it cold shivers and some fond memories. Stepping out of home in the monsoons can be of course a little annoying, so much that some may even frown about dressing up. If you want to slay with your fashion statement in this downpour without being too extravagant, you need some smart efforts and a little guide. Despite the dull weather, you can pull it off with a little smartness by using the mantra ‘less is more’. Read on to find some monsoon jewellery guide to up your fashion statement with some beautifully handcrafted diamond jewellery from Kisna. Below are some of our jewellery suggestions to go with your attire during monsoons.

Stud Earrings:

Enhance your grace with some gorgeous looking stud earrings, a perfect choice for this monsoon. Go for some minimalistic design options to enhance your look. You can shop for some unique designs for stud diamond earrings here. They aid you to don a minimalistic look yet with a piece of jewellery in it, and that’s how a monsoon look ought to be.

Fashion Pendants:

Fashion diamond pendants, so beautiful yet so subtle. Make a statement by keeping your look a little soft and toned down yet impactful. These beautifully crafted fashion pendants best complement today’s women who like to wear their attitude on their sleeve, take the world head-on and follow their passion. So, go ahead and turn heads with these beautiful fashion pendants crafted for today’s women.

Traditional Bracelets:

Spirituality is just an integral part of us, whether we accept or deny it. If you would like to add a touch of spirituality to your fashion this monsoon then these traditional bracelets are the best. These diamond bracelets can get you to look all the way elegant along by displaying a shade of your spiritual side. At Kisna, you can browse and shop for some amazing collection of traditional bracelets.

Diamond Bangles:

Be it monsoon or any other season, bangles are just made for every season. Bangles do always enhance your look. Whether you want to grace a gathering, traditional function or some corporate occasion, these special diamond bangle online collection at Kisna are just what you need. Check out the entire collection at Kisna.

Floral Diamond Rings:

This monsoon, intensify your formal, corporate and casual look by donning our unique collection of floral diamond rings. Vibrant in designs yet minimal in outlook, these rings add to your fashion factor and make you look elegant. Our floral diamond ring collections are the best thing to compliment your hand with. They are simply stunning, as are you, and this match is decidedly beautiful. So, go out there and rock the monsoon with our floral diamond rings collection.

Diamond Nose Pins:

Do you love to wear nose pins? If yes, then you will love to explore our diamond nose pin collection. This small piece of jewellery can amplify your look greatly. There's something about nose pins that is just truly addicting and we believe the ones already addicted to them would know what we mean, and this is perhaps one good season, and a reason, to don a nose pin. They don't call for extra effort but they add to your look like no other.


One word that can define necklaces is ‘Classic’. Every ray of glow it radiates spells classic. No look is totally complete without a necklace. Name any occasion and you know, you need a necklace to go with it. Monsoons can be tricky for going extravagant but our beautiful tanmaniya diamond necklace collection are simply perfect not for just some extravagant gathering but even for a mesmerizing casual look. So, don't stop yourself and go check out our collection.

So, what are your monsoon plans? We assure you, whatever they maybe we have jewellery to match your every look and outfit. Explore our handcrafted diamond jewellery online at Kisna.


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