Diamond Jewelry

Few Tips to Protect your Diamond Jewellery

On special occasions of your life, you might ask your mom or grand-mom to take out their precious traditional necklace, bangles or any other jewellery that you are keen to wear. It is of course a touchy feeling for you to wear their ornaments that are kept safely in the jewellery box. But you may be wondering how come these jewelleries look eye-catchy and mesmerizing even after so many years! Though wearing it for few times, mothers also know to treasure these beautiful pieces so that they can gift their daughter or daughter-in-law on their wedding.

The diamond jewellery is strong and long-lasting, but at times it can have scratches on the surface thus making it fragmented. In order to avoid any single damage and enjoy its real magnificence for longer phase, we are providing you few important tips on how you should protect your diamond jewellery.

Always Keep Jewellery In Velvet/Cloth-Lined Box: You can preserve your jewellery in velvet wrapped or cloth lined jewellery boxes. Once in a while, you can glance at your jewelleries to check closely for any minute scratch. If you have kept them in your locker, you can visit anytime for inspection.

A Straight-Cut No To Chemicals: Jewellery should be worn rightly, but it shouldn’t come in contact with any kind of chemicals. When you are adorning your valuable jewellery, you shouldn’t apply products such as soaps, detergents, dishwashers or gels used on daily basis. Such chemicals can spoil the real spark of your jewellery.

Occasionally Clean Your Jewellery: If you are wearing your diamond jewellery often, make sure you should clean them occasionally. Never apply bleach or use bathing soap on your ornament. You can apply a cleaning solution for jewellery by buying from market.You can also clean the jewelley item at your home by adding half cup of plain ammonia into one cup of warm water, and then immerse your jewellery into it for 10 minutes. Then take it out and wipe up with spongy cloth piece. You can also use a soft brush lightly to eradicate dirt from the inside surface of the jewellery ring, bangles or bracelets.

Save Your Jewellery From Cosmetics: You should always remember firstly to apply your make-up and then put on your jewelleries. Even perfumes should be used in the start because if they come in contact, they can completely change the jewellery’s color as well as shine. So jewelleries should be embellished at the end. While going for swimming or spa sessions, make sure to avoid jewellery fully as the chlorine water can damage the freshness of your gem. No wearing jewelleries when you are in kitchen or in garden. Otherwise the surface of the gem piece will be wrecked.

Visit The Jewellery Showroom Once Or Twice A Year: Make it a point to visit your nearest jewellery showroom once or twice a year for better assessment from their jewellers.

Therefore, if you have found any small scratches on your diamond jewellery or the diamond piece has lost its glow, then you may bring it to Kisna Jewellery showroom and show to their jewellers. They will help you by polishing your ornament so that your jewellery will sparkle like before. You can also follow the above easy tips that can assist in maintaining your diamonds wonderfully in your jewellery box for always.