10 Latest Diamond Ring Designs For Couples In 2021

The bond of love is eternal and nothing expresses the foreverness as perfectly as a diamond ring. In Indian culture, exchanging engagement and wedding rings is an authentic way of showing your true love for your partner. Continuing this beautiful tradition, the couple diamond rings have immensely grown in their popularity.

When two people fall in love, they want to share their lives together and be on the same page for every decision. That’s why they generally choose the same type of diamond rings to symbolise their union. Keeping that in mind, Kisna has crafted stunning diamond rings for couples that are glorious and inspire pure love just like you. We are one of the most credible brands for buying a diamond ring online.

We have some of the most fascinating couple diamond ring designs in 2021 for you and your partner.

1. Kate Diamond Ring

A diamond ring with a bliss of gold is a hallmark of love and purity. Kate diamond ring is an intricately designed masterpiece in 14 KT and 18 KT gold. It is perfect for weddings, engagements and also as a gift for anniversaries.

2. Jason Diamond Ring

In a world full of machine-made stuff, experience the marvel of a handcrafted diamond ring from Kisna. Jason's diamond ring’s appearance is striking and has a dazzling diamond-gold design worthy of admiration.

3. Mickey Diamond Ring

Enjoy the power of a ring with an FG-coloured diamond of VVS clarity. It is passionately made using top quality gold. This is the most refined diamond ring you can get.

4. Alfredo Diamond Ring

Artistically made, Alfredo is one of Kisna’s most unique couple diamond rings. The two-toned coloured metal gives it a sophisticated and royal look.

5. Diago Diamond Ring

Made with a dedicated combination of diamond, gold and two-toned coloured metal, this supreme quality diamond ring is an unforgettable gift for your better half.

6. Ivana Diamond Ring

This couple diamond ring is a product of our visionary craftsmanship. It is delicate and gorgeous with supreme diamond quality. It is available in rose gold, yellow gold and white gold.

7. Sophie Diamond Ring

With minimalism at heart, this marvel has a simple yet remarkable design for its diamond ring covered with gold. Be sure to get all the attention from the crowd with Sophie Ring’s excellent piece of design.

8. Xavier Diamond Ring

Xavier ring is studded with FG-coloured 10 scintillating diamonds of VVS clarity. It is the epitome of luxury and imparts the touch of class.

9. Marie Diamond Ring

Kisna’s Marie diamond ring is exceptionally well-designed. The central placing of a distinct diamond with a gold plated cover embodies eternal love.

10. Jennifer Diamond Ring

This two-toned coloured couple diamond ring symbolises the crown of a prince and a queen. Get a feel of royalty with Kisna’s epic creation of a diamond ring.
We understand how precious it is to have diamond rings that express your love perfectly to your partner. Our experts create these diamond rings with careful attention to detail and unique designs so that you always get the most glorious rings. Visit our online store to buy diamond rings online and choose from a variety of exclusive collections. All our products are of assured quality and come with authenticity certificates.

We would love to hear from you. Tell us what you look for while choosing a diamond ring for you and your partner.