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Diamond Bangles for Women By Kisna

Fine wrist jewellery crafted with gold and studded diamond bangles for women

A classic diamond bangle is a very versatile piece of jewellery that can add elegance to a casual everyday look. You can stack several bangles for a dramatic look or wear a single bangle to accessories for a formal look. Diamond bangles are a status of wealth and prosperity and have forever embellished the wrists of women. There are a lot of jewellery options to decorate the wrists including bracelets, wrist bands, cuffs and whatnot. But nothing can come close to the sheer beauty and sophistication of diamond bangles for women. The love affair of gold and diamond is epic. You can experiment by pairing gold and diamond bangles together and customize your jewellery set according to your preference by selecting the matching diamond earrings and necklace for the added effect. Bangles have always been the accessory necessary to complete Indian Attires. Wearing bangles in India goes beyond a fashion statement. It holds sentimental, traditional and auspicious values. The diamonds embedded in gold bangles decorating women's wrists are a sign of eternal commitment. They are an inseparable part of our tradition and require special attention. We at Kisna, pay utmost attention to the carvings and designs of the diamond bangles and work hard to make you happy.

Flexible diamond bangles that fit everyone

A fine piece of jewellery does not just beautify the wrists of the wearer but also defines your taste in jewellery. The requisite charm of diamond bangles has subtle ways of revealing more than just your style statement. Unlike other metal bangles, diamond jewellery does not end in a loop. Rather they often have open ends which usually features artistic designs and stonework. These open ends enable the wearer to adjust the size of the bangle and ensure smooth sliding of the bangles on the wrist. Diamond bangles with open ends flawlessly fit every wrist size and adorn them with customary brilliance. As the makers of fine jewellery, the artisans at Kisna, are well updated on the fashion trends that influence the life of a fashion-savvy Indian woman. Add these designer diamond bangles to your collection and watch how they brighten up even the most mundane of your days.    

Diamonds bangles are the perfect gift item

The sparkly and premium latest diamond bangle designs make a perfect gift for anyone as they can give the entire outfit a classy flip. The days where pure gold and diamond jewellery had age-old designs are gone. The talented craftsmen at Kisna have taken the extra mile to craft modern, sleek designs so there is something for everyone. Young girls can now explore traditional, modern, or even fusion and carry the latest diamond bangle designs on their wrists every day. The diamond bangle prices at Kisna, starting from as low as 18,700 are flexible for people of all age groups. The drool-worthy intricate designs on the diamond bangles are sure to attract young trendsetters, fashionistas. The best part about diamond bangles is that they are very versatile. You wear them with a formal outfit and the bangle will elevate your outfit by hundred folds or you can slip them on with an evening dress or a saree for a glamorous dinner party with friends or family.

Even on their own, diamonds are mesmerizing and one cannot take their eyes off them. But when these diamonds are incorporated in a bangle made of gold, no jewellery can match its glamour. We at Kisna, love to experiment with various designs and offer three colours of the metal to choose from, including White gold, Yellow gold and Rose gold. The simplicity and elegance of the forever floral bangle is sure to make you feel like you are on top of the world.

The guarantee of purity

Every diamond jewellery at Kisna is 100% genuine and accredited, stamped with BSI markings, IGI, SI and VVS diamond clarity. You can make use of the EMI plans at Kisna, or customize a plan according to your liking and enjoy the flexibility to complete your purchase. Buying diamond bangles online is now more convenient and safe than ever. We provide a quality certificate along with each purchase so the buyers can be assured of authenticity and superior quality. With the help of our trusted doorstep delivery partners, Kisna is now able to cater to jewellery buyers across the country. Thanks to the online store, you can now purchase authentic diamond jewellery from any corner of the country.