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Grid List

22 Items

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Daily Wear Diamond Earrings for Women

It is rightly said that a woman can never have enough earrings. The best part about earrings is that you can dress up or dress down in any outfit by experimenting with earrings. You can style up a basic shirt and pants with dazzling diamond earrings and you are ready for a dinner party. Earrings are a must-have accessory for every woman as they are no less than an indulgence for them. Diamonds are rare and have an everlasting shine that is hard to miss. We are used to buying daily wear diamond earrings for ourselves on special occasions but the joy of giving someone these valuable stones is priceless. They are a great way of expressing gratitude and their importance in your life. A gift they will treasure for a lifetime.

Perk up your style with Gold Diamond Hoop Earrings

Hoops are modern, trend-inspired, western everyday jewellery. At Kisna, we have revolutionized the trendy hoops and encrusted them with diamonds to make them suitable for all types of looks. This fusion of modern hoops with traditional gold and diamond designs form just the perfect diamond earrings for daily use and are hands down the best seller. The Dangling Fashion Earrings come with statement golden hoops and have a huge diamond dangling that gives the modern hoops an Indian touch so you can look your trendiest every day. The Kisna diamond earring designs and other jewellery concepts are unique and one-of-a-kind. They are carefully crafted by top artisans in the country and made under expert supervision to provide you with designs that are hard to find anywhere else. Our collection of fancy diamond earrings are subtle yet stylish, minimal yet modern, thoughtful and practical enough for everyday use.

Let your diamond earrings speak your tranquility!

Our diamond earrings for daily use are designed in a way that looks stunning with your everyday outfits like tees, tunics and denim as they do with dresses or gowns for cocktail nights or dinner parties. These earrings are light in weight and comfortable to carry all day. You can choose from a whole array of diamond earrings with a price to find the ones that suit your budget. The earrings on our e-store start from a price range of rupees 7,500. You can use various filters to buy diamond earrings online and find the earrings of preferred quality, clarity and colour. You can shop at Kisna with the assurance of authenticity with certificates from laboratories. Here you will find something minimalistic to motifs that let you style up your game, we have them all.

We take our designs up a notch and infuse them with a modish twist to give you everyday accessories like no other. We churn out trendy designs from breakneck speeds and keep updating our catalogue so you never feel last-season. We add new designs and fusions to our collections so they are always fresh enough to complement the new clothing pieces that make their way into your wardrobe every season. 

When you take a look at the diamond earrings for daily use, you will be impressed by the vast motifs, patterns and weights of the jewellery. With our fashion-forward philosophy, we present to you the best design options that are fashionable, affordable and lightweight.

Life is better when you are wearing diamonds

Our collection of real diamond earrings for daily use are absolute head turners in every crowd. Carry them every day and let the world appreciate your shine. No more thinking over as to what to give your lady on valentine's day or anniversaries, get her a pair of sophisticated diamond rings to wear to work or usual outings.

Shine bright like a diamond every time you step out. The collection is vast enough that you will be able to find the perfect match for every outfit in your wardrobe. Make your own collection of work wear, casual wear, and party wear and daily wear diamond earrings that perk up every look. Diamond jewellery does not have to be conventional, every woman has her unique style so why shouldn't her earrings be a reflection of her style? Inspired by international fashion trends as well as traditional custom designs, we curate unique diamond earring motifs to give you something fresh every day.