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Grid List

25 Items

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Office Wear diamond Earrings - Kisna

Make your working days sparkling and colourful with the finest diamonds

Who doesn't like to wear their most wonderful outfit to work, accessories on point and show up in the office with their best energy and spirit? Women especially love to pair up their vibrant personality with an equal head-turner outfit and elegant jewellery to brighten up their usual day at work. Not only do they love dressing up according to the trends but also according to the occasion and venue. When you buy Office Wear Diamond Earrings it is important to keep in mind to avoid flashy, heavy jewellery. The experts at Kisna have therefore carefully handpicked the Office Wear Diamond Earrings collection that is shiny enough to light up your day yet subtle and classy enough for your regular day at the office.

Complete your formal look with the Daily Wear Diamond earrings

Keeping in mind the requirements of a working woman, we have curated this special office-appropriate collection that makes dressing up to work a lovely occasion. There is nothing like a pair of perfect earrings that amps up the look of an outfit. It can add just the right amount of highlight to your face while completing your look. Our collection of office wear diamond earrings online do just that! Add a hint of sparkle to your everyday outfits with the choicest diamond earrings.

The artisans at Kisna use only the highest quality gold and diamonds to handcraft the jewellery that makes you feel your most confident self. There are various price and purity filters on the Kisna website that you can use to ensure the quality of your jewellery. The gold used in our diamond earrings is available in two purity levels 18 kt and 14 kt. You can choose between the VVS-FG and SI-HI clarity of the diamond to be embedded in your jewellery. One of the many benefits of choosing to shop from Kisna is that we deliver the certificate of purity along with the jewellery you purchase on your doorstep. The certificate shall be issued from a certified laboratory assuring you of full value for your money.

Sport an unmistakable sparkle in your ears!

Our extensive collection of diamond earrings designs are inclusive of all kinds of earrings from studs to subtle drop earrings so you have endless options to choose from. The stunning studs in our collection are elegant and versatile enough so you have the freedom of pairing them up with any attire from your formal wear and still look stunning. They go with anything from salwar kameez to western outfits.

More than the purity of the precious stones you can have the freedom of choosing the colour of your own diamond earrings. Match your earrings with your favourite outfit or any other piece of jewellery that you wear on a daily basis to create your very own set. At Kisna, you can choose from the 3 available colour options- Rose gold, white gold and yellow gold. If you are someone who loves to keep their jewellery authentic you might like the yellow-gold colour of the earrings. However, for someone with a more contemporary, sleek style, you can try out the other two colour options to ensure that your ring is a perfect reflection of your own personality.

Wear the stones of timeless elegance to your office

If you need a break from the usual gold jewellery routine at work and are looking for an alternative, you are in the perfect place! Kisna diamond jewellery is the ideal choice for someone who fancies carrying a diamond in their ears on formal occasions. With umpteen options, unbelievable prices, unparalleled quality and customizable EMI options buying a pair of diamond earrings that are suitable as office wear will feel like a cakewalk.  The carefully handcrafted flawless diamond earrings on the screen can be in your wardrobe! So don't hold yourself back, browse through the breathtaking jewellery collection at Kisna and shop your heart out!