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Latest Diamond Ring Designs

Rings have evolved over time from traditional to more modern and diverse designs. Most women are turning to intricate, delicate diamond rings for daily use. Some designs have a plain minimal look, some carry an elevated look while others sport a plateau type of look. From star-shaped to elevated settings, the diamonds are crafted in various patterns for a dramatic effect. There is a huge collection of daily wear diamond rings, modern and contemporary rings, party wear rings, vintage solitaire, traditional, casual diamond rings and so much more.

Carrying a sleek, minimalistic yet elegant diamond ring on your finger is the best way to feel 'stood apart' from the crowd. The two things that have made casual rings so popular are the comfort of carrying a minimalistic ring daily and the fact that they give a change from the traditional gold rings. Whatever may be the occasion, a day in or night out, at Kisna you will find rings that are appropriate for every hour with the latest styles. 

Casual Diamond Rings

Every diamond is one of its kind and so are the designs and patterns of the rings. Each piece has an unrepeated, unique design to indulge in. These rings could be embedded in solitaire, stone clusters and can be customized as per the customer's liking. By keeping the designs simple and the diamonds minimalistic, we have kept the daily wear diamond rings elegant and appealing. Your casual rings may have an Indian design or modern style design for flexibility of wearing as per the occasion. More or less a majority of rings under the Kisna casual rings collection are structured around floral, celestial or abstract arrangements. If you are buying diamond jewellery online for the purpose of gifting, you can choose between rings that have a cluster of diamonds or a single uncut diamond according to your preference.

Add lively colours into your life and your accessories with rings that carry Sparkling Diamonds. You can now customize your own diamond ring design by Including your favorite Gold Color, 14K & 18K Gold Purity. You can also choose Diamond Color & Clarity. Dress classy with a sparkly gold ring with encrusted diamonds which will speak volumes for your personality with little effort. Perfect for gala dinners, tea parties, brunch or any occasion, diamond rings truly are a woman's best friend. Be subtle or go all out with your accessories with the elegant, trendy, casual diamond rings that you can flaunt wherever you like.

Buy Diamond Rings Online

Thanks to the broad price range, special offers for online customers, customizable EMI options and easy return and lifetime buyback policy, you can now bring your dream of owning the latest diamond ring designs to life. Enjoy the freedom of comparing the elevated and the simplistic designs to choose the one that best reflects your personality and flaunt it all you want.

Gone are the days when buying diamond jewellery online meant spending months of savings. The Love Diamond Ring at the Kisna e-store starts with a price range of just 5,000 rupees. It comes with a shining silver band with a beautiful heart shape encrusted with diamonds on the top.

The Jenny diamond Ring sports a thick gold band that is twisted into a beautiful pattern and holds three different diamond designs on top including floral, round and clustered diamond sets. This piece of exquisite beauty is bound to make you feel special even on your gloomy days. Gaining popularity on the internet are the trendy and adorable couple diamond rings. Diamonds are said to be forever stone and so the eternal bond of love. Tie the knot with the latest designs from our collection or customize your own set of couple diamond rings and let the sparkly stones signify your commitment. 

Flawless diamonds for the flawless you!

Rings are an integral part of our lives and we ensure to pay utmost attention to detail to give you nothing less than the best. Kisna diamond rings are designed to blend in with and elevate the look of your everyday style be it casual, formal, fusion or funky look. Bold, reserved, outgoing, confident, whatever your personality may be like, we have something for everyone in our casual diamond rings collection. Show off your unique personality and let people know your vibe by carrying the ring on your finger that best reflects your personality.

We have 45+ stunning designs and patterns in the casual diamond rings collection that are available in two metal colour options- yellow gold and rose gold so you can get one for all your looks be it ethnic or western. Pair your outfits up with these gorgeous rings and accentuate your getup. Our collections span the most trendy and latest diamond ring designs with brilliant never seen before designs offering a large variety to choose from diverse interests and preferences.