If you want to buy diamond or diamond jewellery, you should have the proper education to guide you in buying a diamond successfully. If you get the proper information and education about diamonds, it would not be difficult to buy diamonds.

All the diamonds are measured by four C’s namely – Cut, Color, Carat and Clarity.


The brilliance of the diamond can be known by its cut. The performance of the light and dimensions can be determined by the cut of the diamond.


When light passes through the diamond, it splits the light into a spectrum and behaves like a prism. There are several diamond color grades in the diamond which begin with “D” and ends with “Z”.

D – Absolutely colorless
E – Colorless
F – Colorless. Slight color can be detected by an expert gemologist.
G – H – Near colorless.
I – J – Color slightly detectable.


The diamonds which are absolutely clear are expensive. Some diamonds have scratches, tiny particles or trace minerals. Types of diamonds based on clarity:

FL, IF Diamonds – Flawless
VVS1, VVS2 Diamonds – An excellent quality diamond with slight inclusions.
VS1, VS2 Diamonds – Slight inclusions which cannot be seen by naked eye
SI1, SI2 Diamonds – May have slight inclusion which may be visible by naked eye.


Once you know the cut, color and clarity grade of the diamond, you can easily determine the carat weight of the diamond as per your budget.

Education July 27, 2013 Savji Dholakia
Education July 27, 2013 Savji Dholakia Kisna Diamond Jewellery admin