1260 Cars and 400 Flats as Diwali Gifts for employees of Hari Krishna Exports

Savjibhai Dholakia

Savji Dholakia is known for his generous gifts to employees of his Hari Krishna Exports Pvt Limited, a diamond company.

He is a delight to his employees — but only if they take the pledge to work hard. Gujarat’s Savji Dholakia is a super boss with a simple motto: mind your business, the business will take care of you. And the diamond tycoon never shies away to reward the performers in his company.

For the 53-year-old founder and owner of Hari Krishna Exports Pvt Limited pays great attention to the details generated by a software that evaluates 5,500 employees of his export firm on various performance parameters.

Apart from the usual qualitative parameters that defines an individual’s goal and role in a diamond factory — like the quality, cut and polishing done by an employee, this special software tells Dholakia something else: how an employee is taking care of his/her family, how he/she deals with colleagues, whether he/she has developed any addiction and if the employee is mentally fit for helping the company grow.

If the parameters seem unusual, then the incentives for those who pass the test are unique too! This Diwali, the diamond tycoon in Gujarat’s Surat has given away 1,260 cars and jewellery to its 2,000 polishers. Besides, flats are waiting for top 400 performers as reward next year when Dholakia will complete 25 years in the trade.

“I not only see how the diamond is cut and polished by a particular employee. Training can take care of it. Personally, I feel humanitarian aspects like how one treats his or her family and how are they as team members are the real measures of any employee,” Dholakia told HT over phone from Surat before embarking on a Diwali vacation.

Diwali Gifts 2016

On October 26 and 27, he handed over 1,260 cars – Datsun redi-Go and Maruti Alto – in a ceremony held at the cricket ground of the company’s multi-storey three-wing factory.

Once he is back from vacation, Dholakia will put the plan in action to build a housing colony with 400 flats exclusively for his employees. Call it philanthropy or team management, this appears to be the key to success to get the best manpower in the industry. Last year too, Dholakia had gifted cars to nearly 1,200 employees. On an average, his best employees get around Rs 4 lakh bonus in kind, mainly cars.

Coming from a humble agrarian family in Saurashtra, this Class 4 dropout moved to Surat when he was 13 years old to join his uncle in a small diamond trading firm. In 1982, he started his own business with his uncle’s support.

Soon, his three brothers – Himmat, Tulsi and Ghanshyam – joined him, helping the business grow fast. With polishing units in Surat and offices in Surat and Mumbai, Dholakia company today boasts of an annual turnover of Rs 5,000 crore.

Living in Varachha, a settlement for diamond polishers, he rode a moped for years but always dreamt of owning a house and a car. By the 1990s he got his first car – a Fiat. He has been using his favourite Mercedes Benz for nearly 16 years now.

“I realized that once you have taken care of basic needs of your family, which I feel is having your own house and car, you can focus and give 100% to work. I want my employees to give their 100%. And, that’s why I want them to be free of worries of meeting basic necessities,” said Dholakia.

“Twice a year, Savjikaka (as Dholakia is affectionately called) takes the employees’ family members, especially their parents, on a 15-day sponsored vacation. It is during this time that he tries to find out how his employees treat their families. Besides, we also occasionally organise family get-togethers so that he can remain in touch with their families,” said Naresh Mayani, the company’s HR manager.

By admin | 07-11-2016