Hari Krishna Exports sets a huge Benchmark by conducting a 12,000 Participants Women Safety Rally!

Hari Krishna Safety Rally

When we talk about Safety, especially about RoadSafety, 2WheelSafety and Safety of the Employees of Hari Krishna Group & their families, we as a Proud Organisation leave no stone unturned and bind each and every employee with a pledge to 100 per cent follow the Helmet Rule.

It was during late last month wherein one of HK’s employee lost his wife during a road accident, leaving a 4-Yrs old son and a 2-month toddler behind. Came as a shock and transformed it as a moral responsibility, Chairman & Founder of Hari Krishna Exports Shri Savjibhai Dholakia announced of distributing 6000 Helmets to each and every employee for his Spouse, Daughter, Mother, Sister (female member of the family) followed by a Never-Seen-Before Rally, wherein 6000 Two Wheelers in couple making a Giant 12,000 participation rally from Hari Krishna’s Diamond Factory HK HUB, Ichchhapore to HK CAMPUS, Simada, making an approx. 18KM drive way rally.

It was an honour for the entire HK Family to have Surat’s New Police Commissioner – IPS Shri Satishkumar Sharma as a Chief Guest and to #FlagOff the rally. Sir also took the privilege of educating all the members about the #RoadSafety issues with the factual figures of the yearly accidents caused all over India wherein a major percentage is being in the two wheeler segment.

This Rally was to awaken the thought of WomenSafety for those riding in couple and setting a mass message for all, educating them the sense of the safety of the passenger sitting along with us.

By admin | 31-10-2017