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  1. Ambika Diamond Mangalsutra

    As low as ₹26,280.00
  2. Saira Diamond Mangalsutra

    As low as ₹67,180.00
  3. Zarina Diamond Mangalsutra

    As low as ₹77,480.00
  4. Yousha Diamond Mangalsutra

    As low as ₹38,080.00
  5. Tara Diamond Mangalsutra

    As low as ₹34,680.00
  6. Triveni Diamond Mangalsutra

    As low as ₹44,680.00
  7. Pratishta Diamond Mangalsutra

    As low as ₹23,980.00
  8. Anvi Diamond Mangalsutra

    As low as ₹31,180.00
  9. Ananya Diamond Mangalsutra

    As low as ₹30,280.00
  10. Amriti Diamond Mangalsutra

    As low as ₹25,580.00
  11. Akshara Diamond Mangalsutra

    As low as ₹29,980.00
  12. Anshika Diamond Mangalsutra

    As low as ₹28,080.00
  13. Dhriti Tanmaniya Diamond Mangalsutra

    As low as ₹30,580.00
  14. Aadhya Tanmaniya Diamond Mangalsutra

    As low as ₹63,380.00
  15. Aarna Tanmaniya Diamond Mangalsutra

    As low as ₹93,980.00
  16. Advika Tanmaniya Diamond Mangalsutra

    As low as ₹74,680.00

    As low as ₹17,780.00

    As low as ₹17,480.00

    As low as ₹23,080.00

    As low as ₹21,780.00

    As low as ₹20,580.00

    As low as ₹24,680.00
Grid List

22 Items

Set Descending Direction


Diamond Mangalsutra Designs By Kisna


Gorgeous Diamond Mangalsutra Designs

 Diamonds are termed as forever stones and so is the commitment of marriage. Signifying the importance of promises and commitments, diamond mangalsutras for women are loved and appreciated by everyone. The hand-picked collection of fine Kisna diamond mangalsutras gives you plenty of splendid designs and patterns to choose from. The unbelievable price range of the diamond mangalsutras starts from rupees 11,500 for the breathtaking Adira mangalsutra, perfect for an everyday casual look. You can choose the colour and purity of the gold metal used in your diamond mangalsutra and personalize your own Jewellery. Choose between three different colours-white gold, yellow gold and rose gold in 14kt and 18 kt purity and buy your own diamond mangalsutra online.

 Latest diamond Mangalsutra designs

 Diamond mangalsutra for women is an ornament that exudes marital bliss. It is the mark of unadulterated and unconditional bond and so are the diamonds encrusted in pure gold metal. The Aarna Tanamaniya and Advika Tanmaniya diamond mangalsutras are the most splendid designs in the collection that can steal anybody's heart. A large diamond-studded pendant with intricate designs held by a gold chain and studded with black beads makes them the perfect accessory for your special occasions with sentimental significance.

 The Tanya diamond mangalsutra is another piece of exquisite beauty that is perfect for office wear. The sweet, elegant and minimalistic design of the two entwined heart-shaped diamond hearts is sure to make you feel you're best even on gloomy days. The designs of the Shaya, the enchanted peacock and the Infinity diamond mangalsutras are carefully crafted by the designers to brighten up every occasion and suit every outfit.

 A mangalsutra signifies the eternal bond of marriage and the long-lasting unconditional relationship. The design of diamond mangalsutras has evolved over the years from old-fashioned to modern and sleek designs or even a fusion of these styles. The availability of an endless variety of diamond mangalsutras online has brought a revolution in wedding jewellery shopping in the country. You can save valuable time, energy and even money by shopping online from trusted stores and get the jewellery delivered to your doorstep along with the certification of purity and authenticity.

 Buy Diamond Mangalsutra Online at Kisna

 Leave a mark wherever you go and flatter everybody with the stunning sparkle of the diamond mangalsutras. It is our vision to enable everybody in the country to have access to certified, trustworthy, pure and elegant diamond jewellery. The Kisna e-store is an initiative that takes us one step ahead with that mission. Browse through the endless collection of diamond mangalsutra designs and pick the ones that you can't take your eyes off. Kisna diamond mangalsutras are designed and carved intricately by the top artisans in the country to give you nothing but the best value for your money. When you buy diamond mangalsutra online from Kisna, you can be assured of the quality as we deliver the quality certificate as a token of authenticity from verified testing laboratories. Our easy 30-day return policy and lifetime buyback policy are an attempt to make your buying experience from Kisna as smooth and convenient as possible.

 Avail of our EMI plan curated especially for the online buyers or customize your own plan to complete your purchase and make your dream of owning diamond jewellery come true. Security is our first priority and we take extra measures to ensure that every transaction on our site is safe, smooth and protected. To attain this, we follow stern policies and transparency throughout the whole buying journey. Kisna provides the exquisite craftsmanship of beautiful jewellery designs such as rings, earrings, pendants, bangles, bracelets, nose pins, mangalsutras and necklaces in certified 14kt and 18 kt gold encrusted with pure diamonds of SI-HI and VVS-FG clarity. We take security measures to make your experience memorable, so don't hold yourself back from buying diamond mangalsutra online.

 A perfect combination of tradition and style!

 Kisna provides a lot of design, pattern and wearing style options to choose from. The Blossom flower diamond mangalsutra comes with a unique eye-catching design that you will not find anywhere else. It is made up of a gold chain featuring blossom flower patterns with embedded diamond stones. It looks its best when paired with rose gold colour. A sleek and modern design of a necklace in the form of a mangalsutra is an unparalleled piece of accessory that brightens up every outfit. The Aashiya, Zarah and Infinity diamond mangalsutra designs are all subtle and discrete yet exude a touch of sophistication and traditional charm in their modern designs. They are designed to match every outfit in your wardrobe-shirts, tops, ethnic, formal and chic dresses.