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  1. Auroma Diamond Pendant

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  2. Astric Diamond Pendant

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  3. Ariel Diamond Pendant

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  4. Neviah Diamond Pendant

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  5. Enchanted Diamond Pendant

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  6. Celestial Diamond Pendant

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  7. The Row Diamond Pendant

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  8. Quadratile Diamond Pendant

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  9. Abstract Diamond Pendant

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  10. Vintage Diamond Pendant

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  11. Twin Drop Diamond Pendant

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    As low as ₹5,280.00

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Grid List

16 Items

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Diamond Pendants for Women by Kisna



Must-have Office Wear Diamonds Pendants in every wardrobe!

Not just pendants but all office wear jewellery are usually considered to be plain and monotonous. Why settle for something boring when you can sport the most sophisticated office-appropriate diamond pendants designs on your neck? We at kisna, understand the unique requirements of women when it comes to jewellery for formal spaces. Hence, we have curated this very special collection of diamond jewellery online. While dressing up for office, it is important to keep in mind that your jewellery shouldn't grab others attention. The office wears pendants you see on our website starting from a very budget-friendly range and can go up to as premium as you'd want it to be. Bringing together the splendid beauty of gold and diamond Kisna is proud to present the hand-picked collection of Casual Diamond Pendants Online.

Carry a dazzling diamond on your neck daily!

Pendants are possibly the most loved form of jewellery worldwide. This is because pendants are those versatile pieces of jewellery that can be styled as per a person's choice and turned into whole new jewellery every time. Let your creativity do the magic and create your own daytime or evening looks with these sets of classy diamond pendants. Slide it on a simple gold chain and you have a minimalistic pendant ready.

Diamonds are usually the first choice that comes to our minds when we think of office or work wear. The motifs you will find at Kisna are 100% unique and are crafted by some of the best artisans in the country. Made with utmost care and attention to detail, our Office Wear diamond pendants are made under expert supervision. You can browse through the umpteen collection of matching diamond rings and earrings to go with your pendant and personalise a jewellery set of your own.

The quality and purity are now in your hands! 

Get yourself a truly tailored piece of jewellery by hand-picking the colour of your diamond pendant. The gold used in our pendants is available in 3 different colours- white gold, rose gold and yellow gold. The purity of the gold metal can also be selected according to the person's choice. Available in 18 kt and 14kt, you can also adjust the price of your pendant according to your preference. The diamonds are available in two different clarity options- SI-HI and VVS-FG. Now just pick the design of your choice and let your creativity flow in when you buy office Wear diamond pendants from Kisna.

There are endless design options to choose from to give you options and variety. From traditional designs to elegant motifs and the eternal floral designs- at Kisna there is something for everyone.  Diamonds add an instant shine to one's overall appearance. All the office wear pendants on our website are those pieces of diamond jewellery that can be shopped on a customizable EMI. Now everyone from a college student to a working professional can afford to tick the box of 'diamonds' off their checklist.

Team Kisna creates a piece of everlasting jewellery that is ideal for modern, everyday wear as well as in formal settings. We also have a fabulous range of diamond pendants designs for women that are perfect for your daily wear or a simple yet unique attire. Get your hands on the super trendy, contemporary and stunning diamond pendants suitable for all occasions. All the designs at Kisna are versatile enough to be worn on multiple occasions. So go ahead ladies, give yourself the gift of diamonds.