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  1. Michelle Diamond Ring For Women

    As low as ₹14,680.00
  2. Erika Diamond Ring For Women

    As low as ₹17,480.00
  3. Samantha Diamond Ring for Women

    As low as ₹17,180.00
  4. Jaqueline Diamond Ring for Women

    As low as ₹13,980.00
  5. Owen Diamond Ring for Women

    As low as ₹28,980.00
  6. Railey Diamond Ring for Women

    As low as ₹16,280.00
  7. Kennedy Diamond Ring for Women

    As low as ₹20,580.00
  8. Caroline Diamond Ring for Women

    As low as ₹23,080.00
  9. Delilah Diamond Ring for Women

    As low as ₹17,180.00
  10. Madelyn Diamond Ring for Women

    As low as ₹24,680.00
  11. Skylar Diamond Ring for Women

    As low as ₹14,280.00
  12. Isla Diamond Ring for Women

    As low as ₹18,680.00
  13. Everly Diamond Ring for Women

    As low as ₹33,080.00
  14. Gracia Diamond Ring for Women

    As low as ₹28,080.00
  15. Stefa Diamond Ring for Women

    As low as ₹26,280.00
  16. Paridhi Diamond Ring

    As low as ₹26,780.00
  17. Nitya Diamond Ring

    As low as ₹48,680.00
  18. Nivara Diamond Ring

    As low as ₹31,480.00
Grid List

18 Items

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Diamonds Band Ring Designs By Kisna


When it comes to rings, it is hard not to picture a band with diamonds studded in it. As opposed to the popular belief that the bigger the diamond, the better, people are now turning towards simpler, minimalistic and sophisticated motifs for diamond ring bands. Instead of a flashy sparkler, a lot of people are now going for a band with an elegant touch. The latest trends prefer a thick or delicate band ring with a series of beautifully set diamonds over the traditional rings with a diamond on top. If subtle elegance is your style and you love sporting minimal style aesthetics, there are a galore of reasons why a diamond band ring might be the best option for you.  

Get your hands on the most modest and chic diamond bands from Kisna.

Offering a range of dainty to extravagant diamond bands, Kisna has a multitude of gorgeous styles to choose from, so there is something for everyone.  You will find delicate bands with intricately placed diamonds inside, like the Erika Diamond Ring to the classic pave setting eternal diamond bands that have incredibly brilliant diamonds in a linear setting like in the Kennedy diamond ring. Then there is a simple band ring that modestly adorns the beauty of a single dazzling rock in the Delilah diamond ring that is demure yet lovely.

The best part about diamond band ring designs is that there is so much beauty that meets the eye while being light and comfortable to be carried all day. Having a diamond on top of the ring that is held in place by a set of prongs can get stuck in your outfits and become hard to carry on a daily basis. However, a diamond ring band for women from Kisna has a simple, minimalist motif that you can wear every day. Moreover, they are super versatile and go with pretty much any outfit from casual and formals to fancy dresses. If you are seeking something different than a traditional band ring to wear to work, these diamond ring bands for women can be the best option for you.

This exclusive collection of diamond bands with the latest designs is perfect for people who love to keep up with trends but also want to invest in a piece of jewellery that is timeless and will forever be in trend. The exquisite diamond band ring collection from Kisna is loved by everyone, from fashionistas that prefer wearing trendy pieces to people with fine taste in jewellery who love to stick to timeless pieces.

There is a band for everyone's style!

With a variety of bands to choose from, at Kisna, there is something for everyone. From simple, thick Diamond bands in the Isla diamond ring never-seen-before design in the Gracia diamond ring, the collection from Kisna is inclusive of motifs that will be loved by all. The selection of popular diamond band rings is available in three colour options. Got a piece of jewellery you wear daily and has sentimental value to you? Get a timeless diamond ring to match the design and colour of your jewellery to create a customised set. You can now enjoy the freedom of choosing between 3 colours- traditional yellow gold, classy white gold and breathtakingly gorgeous rose gold.

These rings are sturdy, durable and versatile enough to be worn by anyone with any outfit. The ring designs at Kisna can also be worn by men. The Everly and Owen diamond rings in the collection, when paired correctly, can look great on everyone regardless of their gender or style.

Assurity of Purity!

When you make a purchase from Kisna, you can rest assured of getting nothing less than the supreme quality products. You can handpick the purity of gold used in your ring between 14 kt and 18 kt. The clarity of the diamond used (VVS-FG and SI-HI) can also be chosen by the customer themselves. We leave no stone unturned to win the trust of our customers. The certificate of purity issued by a certified laboratory will be delivered to you along with the ring. What are you waiting for? Indulge in the best shopping experience of your life and find the perfect diamond band ring that you shall value for the rest of your life!