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Cocktail Diamond Ring from Kisna

The perfect partner to all your fancy occasions

We all love to carry simple pieces of jewellery with minimal designs for daily wear, but what about the days you want to dress up and look your best? Your special occasion needs outfits and accessories just as extravagant. Why settle for less when you can indulge in the explicit glamour of cocktail diamond rings? It is commonly believed that minimalism radiates sophistication, but we beg to differ. Your accessories should be a perfect reflection of who you are, and if you have an outgoing, fun, bubbly personality, we have just the perfect collection that will definitely speak to you.

Cocktail diamond rings are ring designs that reflect pure art, precision and creativity. They are elaborate and perfect for special occasions when you want to go all out with your look. The cluster of diamonds surrounding the ravishing golden rings makes for a divine masterpiece. When paired with the right outfit, the cocktail diamond rings will attract attention wherever you go. What makes these rings ergonomically gorgeous is the fact that they would never go unnoticed. The bling of the cocktail ring on your finger is sure to attract the eyes of your guests and audience.

Exclusive rings inspired from the modern style and aesthetics

If you are someone that can't resist accessories inspired by contemporary fashion, then you are in the perfect place. There are a plethora of outstanding motifs and patterns in the diamond cocktail rings that one can't help but fall in love with them.  They are intricately designed for the outgoing, independent and confident women of today. Flaunt your brilliance and identity at family get-togethers, special events or occasions, corporate functions, and so much more. Kisna has some of the finest and skilled artisans in the country that has skillfully crafted these marvelous pieces of inexplicable Jewellery that match your individuality and style.

Only a ring as fabulous as a Cocktail ring can celebrate your awesomeness

Add to your collection these rings that radiate pure elegance, strength and femininity. The big dazzling diamonds will be a reflection of your inner boldness, confidence and intrepidity, making you the center of attraction at any party. Cocktail rings have an origin in the early 20s and were used back then as a reflection of class and prosperity. Now, these rings have made a dramatic comeback as cocktail rings are now being accepted worldwide. The demand for these alluring designs keeps increasing in formal as well as casual occasions, and why not? The combination of gold rings and splendid diamonds in an ethereal fashion indeed is drool worthy.

Your search for a bigger, brighter and bolder ring than everyday jewellery ends here! Kisna is presenting you with a comprehensive collection of eternal cocktail diamond ring designs that are a sight for the eyes. Everything from the diamonds, gold, colour, intricate designs and patterns make the collection of Kisna stand out from others. Buying a ring for special occasions does mean casting a hole in your pocket. We, at Kisna, offer a range of breathtakingly gorgeous rings under a price range starting from 27K. You can also avail yourself of the customizable EMI options and bring home a ring that you will cherish all your life. 

Give yourself the gift of the latest cocktail ring designs from Kisna!

If you fancy an oversized diamond flower cocktail ring in your collection, look no further. Kisna offers an exclusive collection of diamond cocktail ring designs that you can buy online. The breathtaking display of rings are made in the best quality natural diamonds, white gold, yellow gold and stunning rose gold colours. You can select the purity of gold used in your rings yourself, and we'll deliver the certificate of purity along with the ring to your doorstep. There is a special customizable EMI option for online shoppers as well to make your shopping journey with Kisna a happy and memorable one. So go ahead and get your hands in this epitome of class, beauty, splendor and artistry that is sure to leave everyone around you and your guests bedazzled and mesmerized!